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The New Cross Stitch Art

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Welcome to the newly remodeled Cross Stitch Art.  The site has been completely rebuilt and we are continuing to make changes to the make the site easier to use, have even more resources, tons of new patterns, and ultimately to help you guys do what you love to do… cross stitch! Read More

Redwork part 2


Part 2

Traditionally the main stitch in Redwork was used to outline the designs and was the Stem Stitch or Outline stitch. The Satin Stitch was used sparingly to fill in small enclosed areas. The Backstitch or the Split Stitch was used to cover tight curves and occasionally to outline the designs. The Straight Stitch was used to cover small straight lines. French Knots were used for eyes, strawberry specks, and any other place where a small dot was needed. Read More

Redwork Part 1


Do you know what Redwork is?

I know it sounds dumb but I thought that when everything was stitched in one color of red it was called “Redwork”. Oh but I found out differently after doing some research for the Valentine ystery Sampler that I have prepared for you. (Free Patterns)

Redwork is a form of embroidery which uses red floss to trace simple line drawings. It became popular during the Victorian era as women searched for new ways to decorate their homes. The idea of Redwork came to America from Europe, where it was called “Turkey work”. Turkey red (from the country of Turkey) was one of the few colorfast colors of the time. Read More

Secret of professional looking embroidery

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Floss coverage: What is that? and What can I do about it?
Floss coverage means the the amount of fabric showing through your thread once your cross stitch is completed. Assuming that the floss color is sufficiently different from the fabric the thread will be seen. Is it the best it can be? That’s up to you. Too few strands will leave a lot of fabric showing through the floss. Too many makes it difficult to stitch (not to mention using a lot more floss). It can also look bulky.

IF SOME stitches show fabric and others do not, you have inconsistent stitch tension and it is incorrect. How so how do you fix this? If you increases the number of strands of floss in the needle the fabric showing through the stitches decreases. Read More



Celebrating A Wedding With Cross Stitch
When looking for a perfect wedding gift there is really no better way to tell friends or family that you care than to create something personal. Cross stitch patterns come in all forms but some of the most beautiful designs are for the celebration of love. Many of the cross stitch patterns that are made for wedding presents have a place for personalization where you can add the date of the wedding or the names of the newlyweds. In fact cross stitching a present for a wedding can often allow you many options to personalize the gift. Beside the personalization of date or name you can pick a design that comes in the same colors the couple has chosen for their wedding décor, and sometimes you can edit the colors in an existing design to match the wedding. Instead of a date or name think about adding a verse from their wedding vows. Any of these personalized pieces of cross stitch will be a beautiful way to let the couple know you are happy for their union and wish them well Read More


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Six Easy Tips For Even Stitch Tension

I am stitching a canvas right now that I am doing entirely in full cross stitch. The design is colorful but doesn’t need a lot of stitch counting because I have set up and am stitching with the help of a grid. The reason I like patterns like this is because I stitch while “watching” TV.

As a multi-tasker I feel guilty when I’m not doing more than one thing at a time. This is especially true when watching TV. I have also come to think it helps me to stitch faster. But there are also a couple of downsides: I might miss a stitch and/or have uneven stitch tension. Read More

Hoop Tricks

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For the best use of a hoop the stitching fabric must be kept taunt at all times; but often our stitching fabric can slip in the hoop while stitching. To help combat this wrap some bias binding tape around the inner hoop ring. Stitching the ends of the tape on the inside edge of the hoop. This will give your stitching fabric more grip. Read More



Hello all,

My name is Pat, I live in the USA in the state of Washington near Seattle. I am pleased to introduce my space dedicated to the passion I have for decorating fabric with cross stitch … 
I am eager to share with you and hope that you will enjoy flipping through these pages. Please share with your family and friends anything you find here that strikes your fancy! Read More