Guidelines For Gridding:

When stitching a large Cross Stitch project, one of the biggest frustrations is caused by
making mistakes in placing stitches. One part of the design will end up being one space
off. A row missed here will cause another part of the design to be askew.

To help avoid misplaced stitches, many stitchers baste a grid on the fabric that matches
the 10×10 grid used for most Cross Stitch patterns. Easy Count Guideline is a great
product for gridding. This grid can also be drawn on with a water erasable pen.  Both Easy Count Guidelines and water erasable pens are available from Cross-Stitch-Art.

Benefits of Using Guidelines

  • Know where you are on your fabric and cross stitch pattern at any time.
  • Count once and “Go.”
  • Count no higher than 10.
  • Reduce counting time, increasing stitching progress.
  • Concentrate on one or a few colors at any one time.
  1. Reduce the number and the time of threading multiple needles.
  2. Make stitching relaxing and fun.
  3. Cut considerable stitching time (up to a third), allowing completion of more projects.


  • Easy removal of plastic Easy Count Guideline means less gridding hassle. There’s no risk of splitting the Guideline with the needle when stitching.
  • If vision difficulties have slowed your stitching, the Guideline makes stitching much easier and enjoyable again.
  • The biggest benefit of all – It will take less time to complete projects. The product claims that stitching time is reduced by one-third.

Tips for Using Guideline:

  • Add an extra 3 inches to your fabric on all sides to make framing easier.
  • Test the erasable pen on a small piece of your fabric; then clean it with clear cold water to see if the mark    totally erases. Over dyed fabric dyes may be lifted by the pen’s ink.
  • If you baste in a grid use a color of plastic thread not in your pattern.
  • Sew or mark every 10th line both vertically and horizontally. This will match your pattern grid exactly.
  • Now draw lines down and across to form 10 squares by 10 squares on your fabric.
  • Do Not complete your pattern by stitching each box one at a time. (It looks really awful—trust me)

A nice short video on youtube will show you every step: