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Celebrating A Wedding With Cross Stitch
When looking for a perfect wedding gift there is really no better way to tell friends or family that you care than to create something personal. Cross stitch patterns come in all forms but some of the most beautiful designs are for the celebration of love. Many of the cross stitch patterns that are made for wedding presents have a place for personalization where you can add the date of the wedding or the names of the newlyweds. In fact cross stitching a present for a wedding can often allow you many options to personalize the gift. Beside the personalization of date or name you can pick a design that comes in the same colors the couple has chosen for their wedding décor, and sometimes you can edit the colors in an existing design to match the wedding. Instead of a date or name think about adding a verse from their wedding vows. Any of these personalized pieces of cross stitch will be a beautiful way to let the couple know you are happy for their union and wish them well

When you are creating a cross stitch present to celebrate a wedding keep in mind their decor. You are creating something that the happy couple will be excited to hang or place in their home. Because of the many advances in technology you can now create a design from a picture. Using a wedding picture to create a new design and adding the year or date of the wedding is a unique gift that will be cherished. If you decide to use a picture from the couple’s wedding, you will actually be creating a picture book memory of their union to keep as a reminder of their greatest day together.

You may be thinking that cross stitching a wedding present will be very time consuming and you may not finish in time. At this point you need to decided how big or small and how complicated you want the cross stitch design to be. One suggestion is to start small, create a small present that will celebrate their special day; there is really no need to cross stitch an entire quilt unless you have that type of time on your hands. A monogrammed set of coaster, on the other hand, can be finished in record time. Most of all be sure to give yourself plenty of time, most couples send out invitations at least three months before the wedding, giving ample time to create a small or moderately sized gift depending on your speed and experience. We also offer limited stitching services if you should need them.

Finally it can happen (heaven forbid) that when creating a gift for someone you don’t finish in time. This happened one Christmas with my son-in-laws gift…I wrapped up a picture of the gift and then add a note to let him know approximately when he could expect it… it worked great. The happy couple will be off on their honeymoon while you finish the stitching.

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