I  believe in keeping cross stitch Simple but making it Extraordinary 

“What defines needlework as beautiful? Undeniably, the design, the thread, the fabric are all contributing physical factors that make us step back and admire needlework. But an even more compelling factor is something more intangible-the part that stirs us – its heart and soul.”

Cross-Stitch-Art designs are as unique as you are!

“Many of the emotionally defining characteristics of our work lie deep within the thread and canvas. On the surface we may see elegant stitches, a myriad of colors dancing together, and a physical image that exudes beauty. But the underlying spirit of the piece – the one we do not see with our eyes but feel with our hearts – is what tugs at our heartstrings, stirring up emotions of joy, pride, and purpose.”

“Our needlework projects are not mere physical objects that we hold in our hands or hang on the wall to admire. No, they are much more than that. They are the smiles, memories, lazy afternoons, tranquil moments, that make up our everyday lives. They are by our side as we watch television or listen to our favorite radio stations. They are living inspirations that we hold in our minds and create lasting emotional ties with. They bring us and others joy, add warmth to our homes, and create comfort on our couches. But most importantly what defines our needlework as beautiful is how it never fails to deliver timeless value where we most appreciate it, in our hearts.” by Dennise Cardona, Kreinik Mfg. Co.

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