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Tip and Tricks

Secret of professional looking embroidery

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Floss coverage: What is that? and What can I do about it?
Floss coverage means the the amount of fabric showing through your thread once your cross stitch is completed. Assuming that the floss color is sufficiently different from the fabric the thread will be seen. Is it the best it can be? That’s up to you. Too few strands will leave a lot of fabric showing through the floss. Too many makes it difficult to stitch (not to mention using a lot more floss). It can also look bulky.

IF SOME stitches show fabric and others do not, you have inconsistent stitch tension and it is incorrect. How so how do you fix this? If you increases the number of strands of floss in the needle the fabric showing through the stitches decreases. Read More


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Six Easy Tips For Even Stitch Tension

I am stitching a canvas right now that I am doing entirely in full cross stitch. The design is colorful but doesn’t need a lot of stitch counting because I have set up and am stitching with the help of a grid. The reason I like patterns like this is because I stitch while “watching” TV.

As a multi-tasker I feel guilty when I’m not doing more than one thing at a time. This is especially true when watching TV. I have also come to think it helps me to stitch faster. But there are also a couple of downsides: I might miss a stitch and/or have uneven stitch tension. Read More

Hoop Tricks

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For the best use of a hoop the stitching fabric must be kept taunt at all times; but often our stitching fabric can slip in the hoop while stitching. To help combat this wrap some bias binding tape around the inner hoop ring. Stitching the ends of the tape on the inside edge of the hoop. This will give your stitching fabric more grip. Read More