Christmas is a fantastic time to break out the metallic threads and add sparkle to your stitched cards and gifts. The special threads catch in the glow of fairy lights, and really twinkle! But if you’re not confident using these threads, then read our 5 top tips for metallic success!

  1. With metallic threads, cut a slightly shorter length of thread than you would normally use, and stitch slowly to ensure that the thread lies neatly for the best reflection of light.
  2. When using two strands, secure the thread on your needle by doubling the thread to make a loop, then pass the loop through the eye of the needle. Take the loop over the tip of the needle, then pull the thread to form a small knot right at the needle’s eye.
  3. Make sure the thread is thoroughly secured at the back of your stitching – leave a slightly longer ‘tail’ than you would normally use – metallic threads are springy, so more likely to slip and break free.
  4. Use a needle one size larger than you would normally use, as the larger eye helps to open up the fabric  hole slightly, letting the metallic thread pass through without causing it to fray.
  5. To reduce twisting and tangling, let the needle hang every few stitches to unwind. Run your needle and thread through a dryer sheet to also prevent the thread from catching and sticking.