Choosing the Best Fabric For Your Next Project When you’ve chosen the cross-stitch pattern you’d like to stitch, the second and equally important step is deciding what type of cross-stitch fabric would best suit that particular pattern.There are three main types of fabric used for cross-stitch; these being: aida cloth, evenweave, and linen. This article will show you exactly how these fabrics differ. Choosing your Fabric:

Aida cloth is what most stitchers start out on when first learning this craft. It’s the cloth that comes in most cross-stitch kits as well. It is a stiffer, heavier fabric than evenweave or linen.  In my opinion it’s the easiest fabric to learn on.  It works extremely well in a hoop or frame.  And aida cloth has a definite grid-like structure to it making it very easy to stitch on (this is 14-count Aida cloth).



Evenweave fabricis softer and thinner than aida (the sample shown here is 28-count Jobelan evenweave fabric). It is called evenweave because it has the same number of threads woven from left to right, as it does from top to bottom.  Generally on evenweave, you would stitch 1 over 2. This means you use one strand of floss only, and you skip over an empty hole when forming your crosses.  In other words, you would bring your needle to the front of the fabric at the bottom left corner, then you would count the holes and place the needle back into the fabric when you’ve reached the second hole in the upper right corner. Essentially if done correctly, the center of your X will be over one empty hole.


Linen is a particular type of evenweave fabric. It is probably the most challenging to stitch on because the placement of stitches isn’t clearly defined as on other types of evenweave or aida. (the example shown is 32-count Linen). You would generally use the 1 over 2 stitch method on this type of fabric as well. If you’re not quite comfortable with the 1 over 2 method, you can use the 1 over 1 method more commonly used. This is simply going from one corner to the very next one without skipping over any holes. The stitches are very small, sometimes being referred to as “petite cross-stitch”.


When looking at projects completed on the different types of fabric, a lot of times those stitched on evenweave or linen will look more like a photograph.  While on aida, the crosses are more noticeable.  On any type of fabric, your finished piece will be beautiful.  It will be something to cherish for years to come.